Theatre's artist in residence welcomes connections he's already made in Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld Theatre's artist-in-residence who is organising a special community event in August has been talking about the help he's been afforded from locals after we featured an appeal for information about the town in a recent edition

Jim Colquhoun

Glaswegian Jim Colquhoun said he's been delighted by the welcome he's been given on fact-finding trips to the town - in which he has met various local characters -including a majestic Snowy Owl which lives in Cumbernauld Village!

Jim who wants to uncover Cumbernauld's connection with the "unexplained" said: "I have had great feedback from the 'I Survived Growing up in Cumbernauld' Facebook forum.

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"I also got some contacts to hopefully get access to the penthouse suites in the town centre."

The 59-year-old dad-of-three also revealed that an artistic treasure has come to light, adding: "Someone on the forum sent me a very old piece of music which a friend is in the process of playing and recording.

"This piece called 'Cumbernauld House' hasn't been heard for a very long time, perhaps as much as a hundred years but that might be wishful thinking on my part!

"Also I'm keen to feature the work of the late town artist Brian Miller. His work is fascinating and deserves to be highlighted I think.

"I'm still at the research stage so we will see what transpires."

The two-day event which is expected to have a town centre venue and will feature guided walks will begin on Saturday, August 14, subject to Covid-19 restrictions.