These are the strangest UFO sightings in Scotland

Howling UFOs, alien abductions and strange craft caught on radar – these are Scotland’s strangest UFO sightings.
Glasgow Prestwick Airport isnt just popular with tourists.Glasgow Prestwick Airport isnt just popular with tourists.
Glasgow Prestwick Airport isnt just popular with tourists.

All eyes were on Area 51 last weekend, the United States Air Force military testing ground located in the Nevada desert.

Conspiracy theorists say the site is home to wreckage from downed alien spaceships - with a plan to ‘storm’ the military base attracting throngs of visitors to the area.

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But you don’t need to visit Area 51 to find UFO sightings - Scotland is a hotbed of them.

And when it comes to high strangeness, these encounters give any Nessie sighting a run for its money.

The list has been compiled by top attraction Inflata Nation in Kinning Park, as they prepare to launch an ‘Alien Takeover’ themed event at their indoor inflatable theme park during the October half term.

Inflata Nation founder, Matt Ball says: “When you think of strange sightings in Scotland, you immediately think of Loch Ness.

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“And the recent ‘Storm’ Loch Ness monster hunt - another Facebook event similar to ‘Storm Area 51’ - proves how popular that myth still is.

“But if you really want to see something odd, you should be looking at Scotland’s skies, not its bodies of water…”

Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick Airport isn’t just popular with tourists heading to sunnier climes - it’s also a jumping-off point for UFOs, reports have revealed.

In 2010, the MoD released a series of files which documented a strange encounter at the airport in February 1999. The traffic controller there tracked a fast-moving and unexplained UFO on the airport radar, sparking a flurry of activity.

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The RAF air defence staff launched an urgent investigation and impounded radar tapes. But the report concluded that ‘no additional evidence’ could be found to corroborate the so-called ‘Prestwick incident’.

And the strangeness continued.

In August 2003, a member of the public in West Kilbride wrote to the Ministry of Defence to report an object harassing a plane near Prestwick Airport.

The eyewitness told of a, ‘fluorescent green UFO, saucer shaped. The pilot could not have missed it as it was level with the plane but say 50 feet away to its left as they passed each other. The UFO started to tilt slowly downwards.”

Once again, a report was filed on the incident by the MoD.

Glasgow City Centre, 11 May 2019

One of the most recent sightings occurred just eight minutes away from the Inflata Nation site on Clyde Street.

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An unusual light was seen darting around the sky near the entrance to Glasgow Green.

A passer-by told The Daily Record: “I was stunned to see what looks like a flying saucer in the middle of town. It just scuds around in the sky as cars pass by underneath, seemingly oblivious. It looked pretty erratic, but it’s Glasgow on a Friday night so maybe little green men like a drink too.”

The Falkirk Triangle, North East Scotland, 1992

The Falkirk Triangle area stretches from the small town of Bonnybridge, east to Fife and then back west to Stirling.

And this strange location has been a hotbed of UFO activity going back to the 1990s.

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One of the first documented accounts came in 1992, when local businessman James Walker was driving between Falkirk to Bonnybridge.

He spotted a shining, star-shaped object which was hovering over the road, blocking his path.

As he sat in his car waiting for it to pass, Walker recalled that the object flew away at ‘an incredible speed’.

Others have reported seeing a ‘howling’ UFO that buzzed their car, while a cigar-shaped craft was spotted landing on a golf course.

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In October 1997, Councillor William Buchanan, of Falkirk District Council, was so convinced something strange was going on he wrote to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair appealing for an investigation into the phenomena.

The Ministry of Defence, however, said it was, ‘satisfied there is no evidence that the UK’s airspace might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity.’

Decky Hill

Dechmont Law is a small hill in Livingston, West Lothian, affectionately known to locals as ‘Decky Hill’.

And back in November 1979, it was at the centre of one of Scotland’s most mysterious alleged alien encounters.

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A forestry worker, Robert Taylor, claimed to see something hovering above the woodland floor, 530 yards away from his truck.

Recalling the incident during an interview for The Discovery Channel, he said: “It was a huge thing with a big round dome, a very dark grey colour. It had a big flange going all the way around. I could see arms sticking out of this flange, with what I took to be blades on the top. As I stood here, two balls came out, two balls that I think would be about 3 feet in diameter with about six spikes. They came right up beside me and I remember feeling a tug at that time, a very powerful smell, a choking sort of smell and that was it.”

Taylor lost consciousness, woke up next to his truck - and when he arrived at home battered, bruised and with this clothes torn, the police recorded the matter as a common assault - one of the few examples of a ‘UFO’ being involved in a criminal investigation!

A70, South of Edinburgh

Back in August 1992, ambulance technician Garry Wood and his friend Colin Wright were driving along the A70 between Edinburgh and Tarbrax.

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The journey should have taken 30 minutes - but they turned up an hour and a half late.

And, suspecting something had gone awry, the pair had a hypnosis session to see what happened.

They ended up recalling how a two-tiered disc-shaped object had dropped down in front of their van - before aliens took and kidnapped them!

Wood said in a 1996 interview: “I saw three creatures coming towards my car. I felt intense pain, like an electric shock. Then I was in some room. I saw these things like wee men moving about, doing something to me. I could only see up. Then this 6ft creature approached. It was white-grey in colour with a large head and dark eyes with a long, slender neck, very slim shoulders and waist. There were either ribs or folds of skin on its body. The arms were like ours, but there were four very long fingers.”

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Once-classified documents, released by the British government in 2012, revealed that the Ministry of Defence had taken the ‘abduction’ so seriously they investigated it, filing an official report.

Glasgow’s Inflata Nation is located on Portman Street in Kinning Park.

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