Thousands respond to fireworks consultation prompted by Pollokshields residents

Many residents in Pollokshields want action to restrict the use of fireworks.Many residents in Pollokshields want action to restrict the use of fireworks.
Many residents in Pollokshields want action to restrict the use of fireworks.
A Scotland-wide consultation prompted by concerns raised by residents in Pollokshields over the misuse of fireworks has received thousands of responses.

The Scottish Government’s consultation on the use and regulation of fireworks is due to close on Monday with more than 16,000 responses now received.

The public’s views will inform on-going discussions about whether changes to the regulation of fireworks in Scotland are needed.

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The consultation came about after a number of communities – including people in Pollokshields – raise concerns about the misuse and the potential impact of fireworks on public safety and animal welfare.

Pollokshields was one of the worst-hit communities in Scotland on bonfire night last year. A community meeting following bonfire night was attended by more than 200 residents who raised their concerns with First Minsiter and local MSP Nicola Strugeon, Police Scotland, the fire service, trading standards and local councillors.

When the consultation was launched earlier this year, it was welcomed by Pollokshields resident Danny Phillips, but he also stressed the consultation had to lead to tougher regulations.

He said: “We expect action to restrict the sale of fireworks, to restrict their use and we want enough police on our streets so they can enforce the laws we have.

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“Communities like Pollokshields have been calling for the police and our governments to tackle firework problems for over 10 years.”

Speaking as the consultation draws to a close, Minister for Community Safety Ash Denham said: “Over the past three months we have had a phenomenal response to our fireworks consultation with more than 16,000 people responding.

“This is clearly an issue which many people feel passionate about and, while the existing legislation on the sale of fireworks is reserved to Westminster, I am determined to do all I can to reduce any negative impact on our communities.

“The public’s views will be absolutely vital in shaping our approach and with our consultation closing on Monday I would urge everyone with an interest to respond to ensure their voice is heard.”

The consultation closes this Monday, May 13. You can still share your views at the Safer Communities Fireworks Consultation