Topgolf Glasgow: when does it open, what games are there, how much does it cost, and how to book?

The new golf entertainment venue opens soon.

The countdown is on for the opening of the new Topgolf venue in Glasgow.

The company, which has venues across the world, offers a range of golf games, food and drink, and entertainment.

Topgolf is not just aimed at golfers who know their handicaps and own their own clubs - it’s supposed to be fun for everyone, regardless of their skillset.

Topgolf is coming to Glasgow.

But when does it open, where is it, and what games are available?

Here’s everything you need to know about Topgolf Glasgow.

When does Topgolf open?

The company will be announcing the opening date for the new venue soon.

Where is Topgolf Glasgow?

The golf entertainment venue is at 10 Duchess Place, Rutherglen.

What games are there at Topgolf?

There will be a range of golf games available, using the latest technology - including micro-chipped balls and data to track where every shot goes.

You can get a virtual experience of playing at some of the world’s most famous courses, including St Andrews and Pebble Beach.

There are different games for different experience levels - someone who is more advanced might try out approach shots at famous courses, while beginners might have a go at the Angry Birds game, using golf balls to smash down virtual structures and pigs.

How long do the games last?

Each game has 20 balls per player, with a group of six taking around one hour to play.

Do I need clubs?

No, there are clubs available to use - although golfers are welcome to bring their own.

What else is there apart from golf?

Apart from the food and drink (more on that below) there is also a rooftop bar, event spaces and TVs throughout the venue.

What food and drink is available?

The full menu has not been released yet, but expect loaded macaroni cheese, burgers, tacos and haggis pakora.

There are also options for vegans and vegetarians, while dishes can be adapted for those who require gluten free options.

Cocktail fans can peruse a menu with mixed drinks designed exclusively for the Glasgow venue, while those who enjoy something a little more classic can choose from top quality beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the time you want to play. It will cost £25 per hour for a bay between opening time and noon, £35 per hour between noon and 6pm, and £45 for 6pm to closing.

There will also be an additional £3 one-time member fee for new players.

Each bay accommodates up to six players.

How to book?

While the venue is not open for bookings just yet, you can fill out an online form and be contacted when bookings open.

You can find out more about Topgolf (including bookings) HERE.