TRNSMT 2022: Festival vows to be kinder to Glasgow Green and reduce waste

TRNSMT is just around the corner, and organisers have set out how the festival will be kinder to Glasgow Green.

cinch presents TRNSMT festival is back in one week and the organisers have announced the green essentials checklist.

Plenty of progress has been made as of 2021, with the ban on plastic seeing all festival attendees and staff encouraged to bring their own refillable soft plastic bottles - reducing the number of single use plastic cups by over 50,000.

The green essentials checklist is an innovative, easy-to-follow guide which helps the festival’s mission of sustainability and recruits those festival fans as sustainable champions.

Glasgow hosts big festivals like TRNSMT.Glasgow hosts big festivals like TRNSMT.
Glasgow hosts big festivals like TRNSMT.

The checklist includes:

- Don’t bring anything from the banned items list - some of these are hard to dispose of and create additional harms to the environment

- Be mindful of your rubbish and use the right bin

- Bring a *soft* plastic water bottle to reuse at the water points, which can be easily located on the interactive map

- Plan ahead with your travel arrangements, use public transport and walk when possible

- Consider not buying new clothes for the weekend, reusing or repurposing vintage garments, or if you must buy new, check out sustainable brands

- Choose to eat at least one vegetarian or vegan option from our traders

The organisers are also banning plastic cups, straws, food containers and utensils and replacing them with 100% compostable food and drink containers.

All drinks will be decanted into paper cups, allowing them to manage the recycling of glass, aluminium and plastic coming more easily from the bar operators.

Artists and crew will be encouraged to bring refillable water bottles and refill from water coolers which are provided throughout artist and production areas.

Also, any plastic water bottles that have been requested for artists or crew are minimum 50% recycled plastic.

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