Vet school at Bearsden features on BBC Alba TV show

Glasgow Vets School, based at Bearsden, features in two forthcoming episodes of a BBC Alba television programme.

Vets Series 6 started on September 16 and runs until November 7.

The local vet school features in episode five on October 21 and episode eight on November 7.

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In episode five, Sonny is an eight-year-old Bichon Frise dog with a tumour below his eye.

Surgery by eye specialist vet George Peplinski to remove the tumour means he will he lose his lower eyelid, which would result in him not being able to blink. So surgery also includes cutting a section of his lip and folding it up to create a bottom eyelid! Not a very common procedure, but very effective.

Episode eight revolves around the problems faced by ‘designer dog’ Pugs.

As the vet school illustrates, the process of breeding them to have the short cute noses means they end up with excess skin folds, causing breathing problems.

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Bella the pug, who features on the show, is a classic example. Part of the back of her throat had to be surgically removed and her nostrils needed to be widened.

Owner Lesley MacDonald said if she had known beforehand how they can suffer, she would never have bought a Pug.

Patricia Macleod, Narrator & Producer, said: “This is our sixth series of Vets for BBC ALBA and we’ve filmed stories at Glasgow Vet School for the last two series.

“Most of the animals that come in to the Small Animal Hospital have already been to their own vet and have been referred here for specialist treatment.

“This means that they are often more unusual or complex cases, and it always amazes me what the vets are able to do”.

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