Petition calls for safety measures at blackspot

Almost four hundred 
concerned residents have signed a petition to tackle an “accident blackspot” after two cars plummeted into a ditch in one weekend.

The stretch of road in Lennoxtown, on the B822 from Torrance, is known to be particularly dangerous and villagers are hoping that action will be taken to prevent any further accidents.

Brian Reid started the petition when he heard that two separate accidents had occurred over the weekend between Friday and Saturday, March 7 and 8.

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He said: “I’ve lived in the village for 16 years and it’s been an accident blackspot the whole time. Cars are always in and out of that ditch.

“The road isn’t very wide. People cut the corner when they’re coming from Lennoxtown and that forces people to move over on the other side of the road.

“There have been plenty of people hurt over the years.”

Campaigners are calling for the ditch to be filled in with gravel, or the road made wider, traffic calming measures to be introduced and more appropriate signage.

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services at East Dunbartonshire Council said: “We recognise the concerns of local road users and are working to make the stretch of road as safe as possible.

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“ The ditch has in fact only recently become exposed, when vegetation was removed.

“This week we have introduced various safety features, including verge warning posts, anti-skid surfacing as well as new studs (cats’ eyes) to make the area more visible at night.”

The council official added: ‘‘Consideration is also being given to a vehicle restraint system.”

The petition will be sent to East Dunbartonshire Council shortly in the hope that appropriate action is taken to stop any further incidents occurring.