Petrov in Jim’s thoughts for Chernobyl vigil

THE FATE of a super-fit sporting hero has given added poignancy to the annual Chernobyl vigil which will be held in Glasgow today by Abronhill man Jim Gillies.

Jim - who is well known locally for his solo aid missions to Ukraine - will station himself in Glasgow’s George Square to remind Glaswegians of the deadly legacy of the nuclear meltdown at the nuclear plant in 1986.

Countless citizens in the former Soviet Bloc were affected - and it is thought by doctors treating former Celtic midfielder Stiliyan Petrov that it is radiation poisoning from Chernobyl that has caused his leukaemia.

The Aston Villa captain had grown up in Bulgaria

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Grandfather-of-two Jim said: “It just shows you that the effects of Chernobyl have spread their tentacles even after all this time. It is such a shame when you think he is a sportsman and he has a family.’’

Jim certainly has a sense of purpose about his vigil.

“Come rail hail or shine I’ll be out there from 8am to 8pm to remind people about Chernobyl 26 years on.

“And I will be bringing supplies back to the Ukraine in November,” he said.

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