Playwright's success

A QUEEN'S Park playwright who spent six years sleeping in his friend's kitchen is now celebrating a decade of successful writing.

Douglas Maxwell's first play My Bad Magnet showcased in the Tron Theatre ten years ago.

The 35-year-old told The Extra: "I wanted to be an actor but I wasn't very good and I didn't have the people skills to be a director.

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"My friend Douglas, who went off to become an executive producer of American Idol, and I set up our own theatre company, The Two Dugs.

"It was here I learned I wanted to be a playwright. After I left university I wrote constantly for six years and slept in my friend's kitchen in Mount Florida.

"I used to put on shows with students from Langside College but eventually I made it when I went to the Performing Arts Lab in Kent".

Douglas' new play Promises Promises premiers at Eastwood park theatre tonight. The father-of-one said he'd been told a story from a teacher friend when they were at his local pub the Queen's Park Cafe.

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The friends had been discussing a documentary that argued some immigrants are more beneficial to the UK than others with Indians at the top and Somalis at the bottom.

Douglas explained: "The teacher at the table told us a story about a recent personal experience with a Somali child in a school in London.

"It was a harrowing story. I asked them to tell the story again. And then as were leaving later that night, I asked for the story one more time.

"I decided I would write up the story, without notes or preparation and see what happened. It didn't take me long to write – weeks rather than months".

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Tomorrow, the show will move to Cumbernauld theatre and tour the UK until the end of next month.

Although he has a busy year ahead of him, there is still some things he would like to accomplish.

Douglas explained: "I have a daughter who is two-years-old called Ellis. It would be nice to write something for children.

"I've written for adults and for youths, so that would be something I'd like to do so she could come and watch it".

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