Police issue security alert following robbery

POLICE enquiries are ongoing into an incident which saw an elderly pensioner attacked and robbed in her own home.

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The 77-year-old woman suffered a broken thigh after a terrifying ordeal at Smithyends in Cumbernauld Village, on Friday, September 3.

The distressing episode began when a bogus caller turned up at her door pretending to be a window cleaner.

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This was simply a means of gaining access - and his next move was to push the lady to the ground, run into her house and steal her purse.

Police have issued a set of guidelines on how best to deal with bogus callers, who often claim to be working for utility companies.

Some may even wear the 'hi-vis' fluorescent jackets, but that does not make them genuine.

•Ask to see identification. No-one genuine will take exception to this.

Check identification carefully - does the photo on the card look like the person at the door? Contact the company concerned if you are in doubt.

•Bogus callers are not above pretending to be friends or relatives of neighbours who are out - asking to come into your home to wait for them, leave them a note, or to make a telephone call.

•Consider installing a spy hole in your front door and a door chain.

•Only when you are 100 per cent happy that they are genuine give them access to your home. If not then ask them to leave and close your door.

•If you think a bogus caller has called at your door contact the police immediately. Try to give a description of the person.

The earlier the police know that bogus callers are in an area the quicker they can investigate.

To contact Cumbernauld Police Office call 01236 503900. You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111