Police issue warning about security

Police in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are urging home and vehicle owners to be more security conscious after an increase in reports relating to thefts taking place from insecure homes and cars.

A designated police team have recently been tasked to deal with these ongoing issues and during this period have come across a number of insecure properties and vehicles situated throughout the northern corridor.

This has resulted in many householders and vehicle owners being awakened by police during the hours of darkness and informed of these insecurities.

Police say leaving your property insecure may result in you becoming the next victim. You can protect your home by checking that all the doors and windows are locked.

Make sure house and car keys are no in sight or easy to reach from windows or doors, and valuables cannot be seen.

Do not leave ladders or tools outside, which someone could use to access the house.

You can protect your car by keeping it locked including closing the sunroof and windows - even if you only leave it for a few seconds.

Avoid leaving anything in your car, whether valuable or not, particularly when it is parked overnight.

If you need to leave anything in the car, put it in the boot, or out of sight. Be particularly careful about expensive stereo, mobile phone or satellite navigation equipment. Always park your car in a busy or well lit area.

For more information and advice on matters pertaining to home or car security, contact Cumbernauld Police Office on 01236 503900,