Police search for attempted theft duo

TWO teenagers burst into a Kilsyth social club, asked staff for money and knocked over a collection jar before making a run for it.

Police are investigating the attempted theft which happened on Friday, November 16, at around 6.20pm.

The two young men, aged between 16 and 17, walked into the Parkfoot Social Club on Parkfoot Street in the town.

They approached staff at the bar and they asked for money.

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Whey they were refused by bar staff, the two teenagers tipped over a large collection jar which was sitting on the bar.

It fell to the ground and smashed, and the two teenagers made a run for it.

Police say it is not known whether the collection jar was for staff tips or charity.

But they are keen to trace the two teenage suspects.

The first suspect is described is around 5’4” and he was wearing dark grey tracksuit bottoms and black trainers.

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His accomplice was of a similar height but he was wearing a black top with white writing on the shoulder and dark trousers.

Any witnesses with information are urged to contact Cumbernauld Police Office on 01236 503 900.

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