Angela calls for action over the latest DWP figures on appeals

Angela Crawley MPAngela Crawley MP
Angela Crawley MP
Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has highlighted the high proportion of PIP and ESA claimants who win their appeal at first tier tribunal which has increased to 69 per cent, according to figures released this week by the Tribunals Service.

The figures show that the percentage of claimants winning their appeal has risen from 65 per cent .

Commenting, Angela said:“These figures represent an utter failure by the DWP and prove the assessment system is unfit for purpose.

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“Over two thirds of claimants that take the DWP’s decision to a tribunal have it overturned by a judge.

“Despite various reviews of the Work Capability Assessment and attempts to improve it, the underlying problems remain. Tinkering around the edges is not enough. There are recurring problems with medical information and claimants’ conditions, as well as the accuracy of the assessments themselves.

“The Assessment system itself, remains not fit for work.

“Our social security system should be a safety net that affords dignity to those who are not fit for work - not just those who will never return to work, but also those with long term conditions, and others who need time to recover from serious illness or injury.

“The Tories need to call time on this system, which has failed so many sick and disabled people, and come up with a new model that gives people the support and respect that they deserve.”

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