‘Bring it on’ - GlasgowWorld readers react to proposed second Scottish independence referendum

GlasgowWorld readers have shared their excitement at the prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out a roadmap to a second referendum earlier this week, putting forward October 19, 2023, as the proposed date for a vote.

It sparked much excitement among supports of the independence cause - including a Glasgow YES group - and frustration among those who support remaining part of the UK.

In 2014, 55 per cent of voters ticked the No box, but, eight years later, the decision to leave the EU and the performance of Boris Johnson’s UK Government could persuade former No voters to switch.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out the road to IndyRef2.First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out the road to IndyRef2.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out the road to IndyRef2.

We asked our readers for their thoughts on a second independence referendum.

However, there are still concerns about the economic argument.

One reader posted: “Yehaa, bring it on..….who would want to be involved with the English fascist state, they can ram it.”

A response argued: “Where do you think your furlough money came from. Would have been ... withought it when Covid hit.”

Making the political argument, one person posted: “Amazing. Had it with the rampant corruption in Westminster.”

Another said: “Yes - it’s the only way to rid us of successive Tory governments.”

“It has to happen,” Donnie Stevenson said. “We have suffered so much from Westminster rule. An independent Scotland can be fairer, wealthier, economically stable and have a strong future. Under Westminster, things will get worse not better.”

Joe Sneddon posted: “Folk need to wise up it’s not only about the snp this is about Scotland yeah ok the snp will be in power but if they are not doing the job we get a chance in 4 years to vote them out. They can’t be that worse than what the tories have done to our country for years. But at least we will be free from English men and woman making up our laws and making decisions about our country.”

Donnie Clark responded: “So every 10yrs all were going to hear is ref26....ref27....ref28...there was a vote Scotland wanted to stay with the union so move on and start fixing the real issues in Scotland.”

Jamie Armstrong added: “Politically it’s the best time with Westminster screwing everyone. But financially the worst time. Would vote no.”

Another said: “I think it looks desperate and makes a mockery of our country after already voting on it. It's a bit embarrassing People don't seem to understand that we most likely won't get full EU membership and we will most likely have an incompetent liar leading the country afterwards. It's quite worrying. So my view is, it's worrying and embarrassing.”