Partygate rages on and local politicians aren't happy

MP Marion Fellows has released a fresh statement calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stand down in the wake of ‘Partygate’ scandals which are now found to have involved a celebration of the PM's own birthday.
Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson
Boris Johnson

The Scottish Nationalist MSP for Motherwel and Wishaw has branded the conduct involved as “the ultimate betrayal”.

Mrs Fellows said: “My constituents here in Motherwell and Wishaw are rightly furious that while they were making sacrifices and following the rules, Boris Johnson and his pals were having parties in Downing Street.

“People have made massive sacrifices to fight the virus, many died or watched loved ones die without being able to be next to them. They won’t forgive or forget.

“Enough of his desperate excuses, how could the man responsible for making the rules not know what was allowed and what wasn’t? He has lost any and all credibility. If he does not have the decency and integrity to resign, then Tory MPs must remove him immediately.”

Her Scottish Nationalist colleague at Holyrood Stephanie Callaghan added: “ The scandal around parties at Downing Street and Boris Johnson’s subsequent attempts to cover up and deceive the public are a stain on democracy.”

She then went on to claim: “The parties are merely the tip of a very big iceberg. Let us not forget the refurbishment of Johnson’s flat that breached electoral law and the unlawful handing out of fast track PPE contracts to Tory donors and friends. Time must be called on this ghastly prime ministership.”