Corcern for future of Burngreen hall if opening hours are cut

Kilsyth councillor Mark Kerr is seeking clarity on how Burngreen Community Centre will be affected if it is only open when the schools are.
Kilsyth councillor Mark Kerr outside Burngreen Community CentreKilsyth councillor Mark Kerr outside Burngreen Community Centre
Kilsyth councillor Mark Kerr outside Burngreen Community Centre

Culture NL is to close 26 community centres across North Lanarkshire for 14 weeks of the year to save £400,000.

Access will be reduced to school term-time only, meaning user groups will be restricted to 38 weeks.

Councillor Kerr has been approached by hall users worried about their future and having to be relocated multiple times each year.

Councillor Kerr said: “From Zumba to lunch clubs, this site serves the town well and to reduce its effectiveness and availability is disastrous”

“The future of Burngreen hall is at risk, once groups move to a new location, who says they will return?

That will then cause the usage to drop and allow Culture NL to wash its hands of its responsibility to keep the building open for public use.

“I’m calling on my ward colleagues Jean Jones and Heather McVey to stand with me in demanding they leave Burngreen alone.

“Culture NL should be promoting it, not mothballing, and if necessary I will lodge a motion to demand the cuts be reversed.

Other affected facilities include: Forge, Pollock, The Village and Westfield community centres.