Could council staff get £500 payout too?

Councillors have expressed cross-party support for local authority employees to receive the same £500 bonus being awarded to health workers.

Members of North Lanarkshire Council’s Joint Consultative Committee for local government employees unanimously agreed to send an official letter to the Scottish Government supporting calls from trade unions that its recently announced bonus fails to acknowledge the work of public sector workers.

Convener Councillor Kenneth Duffy said: “Our health and social care workers have done an outstanding job during the most unprecedented times in recent history and deserve to be recognised for their efforts.

“But other public sector workers, including council staff have also shown great resolve, commitment and compassion in continuing to serve the public despite the pandemic changing our daily lives dramatically over the last few months.

“All we ask of the SNP Government is not to divide or prioritise one set of key workers over the other and to join all political parties in North Lanarkshire in backing the extension of this payment to the thousands of local government staff who have worked tirelessly to keep services running and to support our most vulnerable.”

SNP group leader Councillor Tom Johnston commented:  “I am happy to support the call by  North Lanarkshire Council’s Joint Consultative Committee for Local Government for the £500 Covid-19 bonus being paid to NHS and social care workers by the SNP Scottish Government to be extended to local government employees. 

“ There was cross-party support from SNP, Labour and Tory representatives on the Ccommittee, in tandem with the Council trade union backing. 

“Clearly, the Scottish Government has seen the NHS and Social Care as very much in the front line during this on-going pandemic.

“However, there is a good case for extension of the £500 bonus.”