Council announces its winter gritting policy

As winter approaches East Dunbartonshire Council is prepared to respond to the challenges that the colder weather brings.
Council staff and gritters are ready for the worstCouncil staff and gritters are ready for the worst
Council staff and gritters are ready for the worst

The Council’s Winter Service Policy for 2022/23 aims to keep pedestrians and traffic safe and moving. The policy guides and informs the approach to severe weather including heavy snow, rain and icy temperatures.

Council crews are now on call 24/7 to manage and deal with the weather conditions and Councillor Paul Ferretti, Convener of Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets wants to reassure residents that the Council is prepared for any challenges that may occur.

Councillor Ferretti said, “While we always hope for a manageable winter we are prepared for all weather conditions. Keeping people moving is vital over the coming winter months.

“Our highly experienced Roads Service teams provides gritting services across East Dunbartonshire, ensuring we keep our roads and pavements as ice and snow free as possible, and like all local authorities we have to prioritise our roads.

“Primary routes, which covers over half of East Dunbartonshire’s roads, are our first priority so these will be cleared first. Then we proceed to treating our secondary routes. These roads are only salted when resources allow and when there has been consistent adverse weather conditions. However, rest assured our aim is to to keep everyone’s journeys as uninterrupted as we can.”

Primary routes consist of:

Main roads

Bus routes

Access to fire, police and ambulance stations

Access to hospitals

At least one access road to each school

Dangerous and steep roads.

Secondary routes include:

General access routes


Quieter industrial roads.

The Council also has specialised gritters for footways, which are based in strategic locations throughout the East Dunbartonshire area. If freezing conditions are forecast Primary Footway Routes will be gritted in advance as a precaution.

There are over 450 grit bins placed throughout East Dunbartonshire which people are welcome to use. If there is an empty grit bin in your local area please phone 0300 123 4510.

There is also additional grit available at Broomhill Depot, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch. This facility is intended for public use and residents are asked to please bring a shovel and container when collecting.

Councillor Ferretti continued, “Residents of East Dunbartonshire always do an amazing job of making use of grit bins and keeping their communities clear of snow and I am sure this year will be no different. There are over 450 grit bins throughout the area and we have additional grit available at our Broomhill Depot. We hope that by being prepared and focusing on the areas that need our attention the most, we can all have a safe and enjoyable winter.”

East Dunbartonshire Council’s policy is available at

Gritting updates will be posted on the Council’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and are updated daily at