Glasgow councillors give go ahead for housing on Darnley green belt

Controversial proposals to develop 49 new homes near a mineshaft in the south west of Glasgow have been approved.
Councillor Martin Bartos accepted the plan for replacing trees.Councillor Martin Bartos accepted the plan for replacing trees.
Councillor Martin Bartos accepted the plan for replacing trees.

The green belt north of Corselet Road in Darnley was originally protected from development.

But following the announcement there was a shortfall of private housing across the city, Glasgow City Council agreed to develop up to 50 houses.

Concerns had been previously raised regarding the planning application which will see the removal of 890 trees as well as the creation of a children’s play park on top of a mineshaft.

Officers confirmed that for every tree removed, one tree would be planted in the surrounding area.

Councillor Martin Bartos said: “I am content that we have now established a suitable plan when it comes to replacing trees although we shall need to do better when it comes to future applications.

“We did have some concerns about the position of the mine shaft in relation to the proposed play park.

“Will the play park be raised should it fall down the shaft?”

Mr Bartos was informed that discussions are ongoing between the developer and the Coal Authority regarding the safety of the mineshaft.

A spokesman said: “The Coal Authority and the developer will be in charge of securing the mineshaft.

“It will be up to them how they proceed.”

Mr Bartos then suggested more parking for electric vehicles be included in the plans.

He said: “I am also curious about the number of electric car parking spaces that will be included in the development.

“Given the investment in the park area I think it would be a good idea to include an electric car charging unit at the play park.”

It was confirmed by a council officer that new residents would be able to install their own unit at their property.