Councillor quits the Labour party - and blasts ‘elitist’ members and ‘snobbery’ in blistering open letter

A long-serving North Lanarkshire councillor has resigned from the Labour party citing dissatisfaction with its leadership.

Airdrie North’s Tommy Morgan, who has been a councillor for 34 years, is now serving constituents in an independent capacity having severed ties with the party.

In a letter to council leader Jim Logue he said: “As a lifelong member of the Labour Party and trade unionist, I struggle to see how a political party, founded upon the principles of social justice, redistribution of wealth, and
equality for all, can effectively defend and promote those objectives, whilst being led by privileged, privately-educated, millionaire-elites (some of whom have a history of questionable attitudes and actions towards the rights and conditions of ordinary working people).

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“During the recent Scottish Leadership campaign, I found it ludicrous to hear Baron Jack McConnell lavish praise on a millionaire, privately-educated candidate, as a potential leader ‘for 21st Century Politics’

“That is, an unelected member of the most obscene, elitist, and anti democratic ‘club’, in British society (The House of Lords), preaching about politics ‘for the 21st Century’, whilst touting support for a multi-millionaire.
What an absolute political obscenity, which will have Keir Hardie birling in his grave.

“On the issue of unelected ‘nobility’, (so called), within The Labour Party, it is of note that former Scottish Labour MP John McFall is in the running to become the next Speaker of The House of Lords.

“So, we have now entered the third decade of the 21st Century and  see The House of Lords accommodating many former West of Scotland Labour politicians, such as: Baron Jack McConnell, Baron John Reid, Baroness Helen Liddell,  Baron George Robertson, Baron John McFall, etc, etc, etc.

“Such notables, all contributing to the elongation of snobbery, elitism, privilege and in-equality; the very societal structures that The Labour Party was created to eradicate.

“Evidently the Labour Party, politically, has now reached the closing scene of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.”
Councillor Morgan’s withdrawal from the Labour group means North Lanarkshire Council now consists of a 31-strong Labour administration plus 29 SNP councillors, eight Conservatives and nine independents.

Council leader Jim Logue commented: “Tommy has been a stalwart of our movement and an outstanding local councillor committed to improving the lives of his constituents for decades.
“Whilst we are saddened by his departure, we thank him for his service to the Group and the Party and wish him the very best for the future.”