Councillor who quit SNP finds treatment of Baird '˜astonishing'

A North Lanarkshire councillor who quit the SNP in 2015 believes it is '˜astonishing' the party has left Mossend and Holytown councillor David Baird off a list of potential candidates for this year's local authority election.
Councillor Alan BeveridgeCouncillor Alan Beveridge
Councillor Alan Beveridge

Councillor Alan Beveridge, who represents Airdrie North, claims he clashed frequently with Councillor Baird over his decision to become an independent two years ago.

However, he feels that despite their own fractious relationship that Councillor Baird will be a great loss to the SNP, both in and out the council chamber.

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Councillor Beveridge said: “When I resigned from the party it was not an easy decision for me, and I confided in the group convenor David Stocks and David Baird of my reservations about the Airdrie branch.

“Councillor Baird was forthright in his defence of the SNP and the procedure, and left me in no doubt of his loyalty to his party and his disappointment in me, and my decision to resign. On many occasions since he has expressed his disapproval at me resigning from the party.

“The issues effecting North Lanarkshire SNP are well known, but to Councillor Baird’s credit he remained steadfastly loyal to his party, and in 2014 referendum worked harder than any other councillor in North Lanarkshire.

“I have observed Councillor Baird debating at various council committees and is by far the most imaginative debater in NL SNP group, with his talents being respected and recognised by Labour and independent councillors.

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“I find the decision to de-select Councillor Baird astonishing, given his work rate, knowledge and commitment he will be a great loss to the local party and to the residents of North Lanarkshire, and I would hope that common sense would prevail.”

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