Glasgow election results 2022: SNP pip Labour to win most council seats

The SNP have won the most council seats in the Glasgow local elections, pipping Labour at the final ward.

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With Maryhill to be announced, both were on 35, short of the 43 - more than half of the 85 Glasgow councillors - needed to form a majority council administration.

But the SNP then won two seats in Maryhill, with Labour winning one, bringing them to a final total of 37, with Labour on 36.

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Meanwhile, it was a great day for the Greens, who scored a record haul of 10 councillors.

Susan Aitken, the former Glasgow council leader, has been re-elected to represent Langside - but it was the Greens’ Holly Bruce who came first on first preference votes.

Meanwhile, Elaine Gallagher made history when she was elected as Glasgow’s first trans councillor.

The Tories dropped to just two councillors.

The vote counting in Glasgow.

Glasgow election 2022 LIVE

Last updated: Friday, 06 May, 2022, 12:55

Bins, potholes and cost of living crisis among key issues

The polls are now closed and we should find out who will form the next Glasgow council administration later this afternoon.

The counting is being held at the Emirates Arena and it’s hoped the final results will arrive before 5pm.

We were out on Thursday to speak to voters at polling stations across Glasgow to get their views on the key issues.

You can read that piece HERE.

How does STV voting system work?

Sheffield's election count did not get underway until 2.50am this morning (Friday, May 6) after a man reportedly threatened staff at a polling station in Fulwood

The local elections in Scotland use a Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Voters are asked not only to choose their preferred candidate, but rank candidates in order of preference.

When it comes to vote counting time, the number of votes needed to be elected is worked out by dividing the number of valid ballot papers by one more than the number of vacancies.

For example, if there are 3000 valid ballot papers and five vacancies, candidates will initially need 500 votes to be elected (3000 papers/five vacancies plus one).

If a candidate reaches that number they are elected. The ballot papers selecting them as their number one choice are then distributed to the second choice candidates. However, these are not worth a full vote.

If no other candidate has enough votes to be elected, the one with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and their ballots are distributed to the second choice candidates.

This continues until all the vacancies are filled.

Count now started

The count is now underway in Glasgow.

The ballot boxes are open and the counting has started.

This is now the long wait until the results start to trickle in later today.

Members from each party will be watching as the votes are counted, trying to get a gist of how it’s going.

The count has started in Glasgow. Pic: Glasgow City Council

First results expected soon

We have our first councillor

Shettleston results...

Susan Aitken re-elected

Langside results...

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