Govanhill safety is top priority pledges Soryia

Dr Soryia Siddique (Executive Member for Citizens and Communities) and Southside Central Labour councillor has pledged safety in Govanhill is her priority.

Cllr Siddique, pictured centre back, is a great supporter of the Glasgow Mela
Cllr Siddique, pictured centre back, is a great supporter of the Glasgow Mela

The councillor is also a member of Glasgow City Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board, in addition to Glasgow’s Community Planning Partnership.

She is an avid proponent of the regeneration of Govanhill, and fights for the services she feels the area deserves.

Councillor Siddique told The Extra: “As a councillor who has had a lot of issues raised with me by constituents about crime and disorder, I am very conscious of the need to have an effective Police service which is perceived as being there for all our residents, one which they have confidence in, and which responds effectively to their needs.

“It is also essential that the police work in partnership with other agencies and local communities. This is especially important in Govanhill where there is such a high degree of complexity in addressing deep rooted social and economic problems.

“The recent spate of burglaries and anxiety caused is just one example of how important community safety is for the area. I have raised constituents’ concerts with the police and would encourage anyone to talk directly to them.

“I am aware that the police have been gathering intelligence on the burglaries and, as well as seeking to apprehend the perpetrators, are planning a targeted and multi-agency approach to minimise the risk of further burglaries.


“I have also been getting details of how useful the city council investment in CCTV system locally has proved and have been given examples of how it assists the Police in their work.”

Councillor Siddique intimated her commitment to strengthen community engagement across all the generations and diverse nationalities in the area.

She said: “If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected I will work tirelessly with the police and the local community to build confidence in community safety in Govanhill.”

Councillor Siddique has also been heavily involved bringing together small community organisations in a bid to help them to strengthen their organisation and increase fundraising capability.

The Glasgow Makes Connections events provides community organisations with free access to funders, funding information and support agencies.

She added: As the chairwoman of Govanhill Regeneration Group I previously welcomed over £40 million regeneration investment for Govanhill. This included £6.4 million for 350 new homes for the southside community. This will involve extension of the Acquisition and Repairs Programme and bring 350 more homes into the ownership of Govanhill Housing Association.


“As part of a wider strategy to improve housing conditions in the south side community, I welcome the additional powers to tackle poor landlord practice across 18 Govanhill tenement blocks.”