Heat efficiencies consultation launched, but MSP says overall strategy is too slow

South Scotland list MSP Claudia BeamishSouth Scotland list MSP Claudia Beamish
South Scotland list MSP Claudia Beamish
South Scotland list MSP Claudia Beamish is asking for views to be submitted to the Heat in Buildings Strategy consultation launched by the Scottish Government.

As Scottish Labour’s spokesperson on Climate Change, Ms Beamish highlighted improvements to heat efficiencies in homes, offices and public buildings as a vital step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

She said: “Heat from buildings accounts for a quater of Scotland’s climate emissions and progress in this area has been far too slow so I am please this consultation, part of the wider Climate Change Plan, has been launched.

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“Heat efficiencies in our homes will not only benefit our environment but also reduce fuel poverty for 613,000 households in Scotland.

“It’s therefore disappointing that the Scottish Government failed to address fuel poverty robustly enough in the climate emergency, in it’s recent draft budget.

"Whilst the Programme for Government announcement of £1.6bn to be spent over the next five years on energy efficiency and heat is welcome, in reality, the fuel poverty and energy efficiency budget has only increased by only six per cent for next year.

“This investment should be doubled for the coming year to see a step change in energy efficiency activity, with a focus on early action on retrofitting to secure local, skilled jobs, prevent rising long-term costs, and tangibly improving the lives of people living in fuel poverty.

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“Economic recovery from lockdown must be just, and bolder action is needed.”

The consultation is open until April 30 at https://consult.gov.scot/energy-and-climate-change-directorate/heat-in-buildings-strategy.