Jim Fletcher on the referendum result

Reflecting on the referendum, East Renfrewshire Council leader Jim Fletcher praised a positive local campaign and looked forward to resuming normal council business.

He told the Extra:“The strong No vote in East Renfrewshire reflected our local positive canvas results particularly in the Eastwood part of the area. I think the constitutional argument has gone on for far too long and I am delighted it has been settled so decisively for a generation. The engagement of local people was great and culminated in such a high turnout but the downside was that at times you felt the country was in the middle of a civil war.

“I am looking forward to focussing on improving services for local residents. I think local people will welcome their councillors getting back to doing the job that they were elected to perform.”

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Mr Fletcher also praised Better Together chairman Blair McDougal, who is from East Renfrewshire. He added: “Blair lived in flat in Thornliebank Main Street. I first met him in the late nineties when he showed Allan Steele and I to our seats in the Eastwood Theatre for the Woodfarm High school show. Allan was Provost and I was Convener of Education at the time. Blair started his political career as a young lad helping out in Jim Murphy’s parliamentary office. He has done very well and I use Blair’s story to inspire our current generation of young people, that someone from a modest background can advance very quickly to an important national job.”

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