Labour leader Anas Sarwar says he "hasn't felt this positive in a long time" on Cumbernauld visit

Cumbernauld played host to a visit from Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar recently in a clear sign that the party means business in regard to the council elections on Thursday May 5.
Anas SarwarAnas Sarwar
Anas Sarwar

Mr Sarwar was speaking to the Cumbernauld News just as the Labour candidates for the contest were set to be announced. A full list of candidates will appear in an upcoming edition.

The Glasgow MSP said: "I’ve been speaking to people about the day to day issues that matter to them and the cost of living has really dominated conversation. People are worried about what price rise is going to come next.

"Labour have suggested a plan which could help families knock up to £600 off their heating bills. If we tax the mega rich companies that make millions from our natural resources, we could actually do something to stop children waking up in freezing cold homes. Sadly, both the SNP and Tories failed to vote for our plan.

"People in Cumbernauld have two governments that are letting them down. Neither the SNP or the Tories want to get a grip of this crisis and I think the people of Cumbernauld are right to be angry about that!”

“Under my leadership, Scottish Labour is becoming a party worthy of the people of Cumbernauld’s support. I promise to be a leader that listens and stands up for the things people think really matter.

"That is why Scottish Labour are standing candidates who served on the front line in our fight against Covid. People with a real connection to their communities who will hit the ground running.”

"We are out knocking on doors every single day because we believe that they best days for communities like Cumbernauld are ahead of them, but it you look at the SNP and the Tories you just get the same old division. We are focussed on investing in a future that is about better communities and better jobs. On May 5, the people of Cumbernauld have the chance to vote for a future that is more hopeful and for candidates with a real drive to get things done.”

“We do face a real challenge to win back the Holyrood and Westminster seats, but I have not felt this positive for a long time.”