Labour would hire 250 more cleaning workers for Glasgow if elected

Another 250 council refuse workers would be hired to blitz Glasgow and a special ‘cleansing tsar’ appointed if Labour take control of the council.

The party’s city leader Malcolm Cunning has pledged to tidy up the streets and vowed his party would not form a coalition with the Tories.

Fielding 43 candidates across 23 wards for the local election, Councillor Cunning said Labour would pour £6 million into creating a ‘cleaner, greener’ Glasgow scheme.

The party lost overall power of Glasgow City Council in 2017 when the SNP took over as a minority administration.

Weighing up Labour’s chances in the city during the May 5 council election, councillor Cunning said: “If we don’t win an overall majority but are the largest party we would run a minority. Only ourselves or the SNP can form the next administration. The Tories and the Greens can’t.

Glasgow cleansing workers have voted for industrial action.Glasgow cleansing workers have voted for industrial action.
Glasgow cleansing workers have voted for industrial action.

“The reaction on the doors has been very encouraging. There is a definitie Glasgow factor. Ordinary citizens think their city is a mess and they know who to blame for it. There is everything to play for.”

As well as tackling litter on the street and bin collections from homes, the party promises to tidy up spaces that are privately owned.

Councillor Cunning said: “If you look out your window at a pile of rubbish you don’t care who owns it. Just tidy it up.”

And a senior councillor would be dedicated to keeping the city clean.

The Linn politician said: “We will appoint a cleansing tsar. I have never had so many complaints as a councillor.”

He outlined a plan to to hire 250 cleansing staff in the next two years and mentioned 400 training posts leading to full time jobs over three years.

He attributed some of the blame for the state of the city on £350 million being removed from the council budget in Glasgow over the last 10 years.

Residents have been complaining about escalating problems of piles of rubbish lying on streets and overflowing bins for months.

Councillor Cunning said in the last five years there have been 290 fewer cleansing staff.

The politician who has been a councillor since 2003 said: “That doesn’t happen without consequences on the street. There is no resilience in the services. With Covid or two weeks of bad weather – the system begins to creak and then you are playing catchup.”

Pointing out other priorities in the Labour manifesto, which is due to officially launch on Thursday, he listed Covid and economic recovery, aiding Sauchiehall Street and looking at ways to ensure bus services meet public needs.

The Glasgow Labour candidates have been on the campaign trail since late last year.

A number of existing Labour councillors are not on the list for standing in May including Martin McElroy, John Kane, Jane Morgan and Archie Graham with some new names joining the election bid.

Labour candidates standing on May 5 in Glasgow City Council wards:


Malcolm Cunning

Catherine Vallis


Stephen Curran

Linda Devlin


Saqib Ahmed

Rashid M Hussain


Jim Kavanagh

Matt Kerr


Imran Alam

Ruth S Hall


Hanif M Raja

Fariha Thomas


Stephen Ignatius Docherty

Aileen Mary McKenzie


James Scanlon

Soryia Siddique


Cecilia O’Lone

George Redmond


Philip Braat

John Gerard Carson


Hanzala Malik


Eunis Jassemi


Bill Butler

Eva Clark Murray


Paul Carey

Patricia Ferguson


Keiran O’Neill

Gwen Farrell Wall


Fiona E Higgins

Robert JH Mooney


Audrey Dempsey

Thomas Rannachan


Ann Jenkins

Kieran J Turner


Frank McAveety

Jill Pidgeon


Kevin John Lalley

Mary McNab


Maureen Burke

Sharon Greer


Elaine McDougall


Jill Brown

Lilith Johnstone

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