Neighbours up in arms after decades -long grass cutting service is withdrawn by council

A fed-up resident has launched a new website campaigning against reductions in grass cutting services by North Lanarkshire Council -as residents lose patience with the lack of work in the Cumbernauld area.

The local authority’s budget decision to cut back on landscaping services has been criticised by residents, and now Robert Pender of Whitelees has created a new website,

Robert who is clubbing together with neighbours for a privately run-service said: “At the moment, the prime purpose of the site is to resolve the situation caused by North Lanarkshire Council’s decision to cut costs rather than grass. Many may have noticed that there are areas of common ground in the Whitelees Road area where the grass is not being cut.

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“Despite the fact that the Council has maintained these areas for the 30 or so years since the estate was built, they quietly announced that they would no longer do so, because the ground is apparently not theirs! We firmly believe that NLC should still maintain these areas, but there is an urgent need to get something done about it now.”

The site also highlights an issue where long grass on the central reservation at Forest Road was causing road safety issues by limiting driver visibility, but only a small section of grass was cut while other grass is now over two feet high.

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