Milngavie man's political podcast to inspire more Independent MSPs

Jon and AlsJon and Als
Jon and Als
A Milngavie man is one half of a duo behind a podcast encouraging people to consider running for the Scottish Parliament as independent candidates.

Each fortnight, The Good Enough Guide... To Getting to Holyrood introduces listeners to guests from across the political spectrum to discuss the potential benefits of having more independent MSPs in parliament.

The podcast also delves into tips for independent candidates going up against the resources of the big political parties.

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Jon Novakovic said: “Is it mad to think you can win as an independent candidate? Yeah, but not as mad as you might think,”

Jon lives in Milngavie but originally hails from Australia, where he worked in politics and government.

He left Oz to work in conflict zones like East Timor and Afghanistan on

his way to Scotland. His co-host, Als is from Carlisle. He moved to Scotland for university, started his own business, and never left.

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Jon said: “My wife and Als’ girlfriend are sisters from a family who are not backwards in coming forwards about their politic. I’m talking bumper stickers, the whole lot.

"Als and I met while being given some serious lectures on Scottish politics. We realised there was an advantage to not growing up here, because it gives you a chance to ask why things are the way they are. Why do you have to join a political party to stand a chance of becoming an MSP?

"And why aren’t there more independents in Holyrood, adding different perspectives to the debate?

“For whatever reason, Als and I know a lot of people with the skills and experience we imagine you’d need to run a grassroots campaign. So we figured, why not gather knowledge and put it out there?

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"We know there are the right people out there who want to be in politics, but don’t fancy the parties, and need a wee push in the right direction.”

He added that he did not know of any independent candidates running in this area but hoped some would declare their intentions nearer the election date in May.

He said: “You can access The Good Enough Guide... to getting to Holyrood on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.”