MP David Mundell hits out at South Lanarkshire roads

TOO much compensation is being paid out to drivers in Clydesdale and the rest of South Lanarkshire for pothole damage to their cars.
Unhappy with roads...MP David MundellUnhappy with roads...MP David Mundell
Unhappy with roads...MP David Mundell

The bill to the taxpayer could be radically reduced if our roads were properly maintained, claimed Conservative MP for rural Clydesdale David Mundell.

However, his comments were countered by the roads authority, South Lanarkshire Council, which defended its record on maintaining our highways and byways.

The MP was citing figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives which showed that South Lanarkshire Council had paid out over £100,000 in compensation for pothole damage since 2008, one of the highest payout levels in Scotland.

He said: “This figure is the tip of the iceberg and the cost of damage to local motorists is likely much higher.”