No to housing on green belt

A housing developer have been denied planning permission to build around 100 homes on green belt land in Cleland.

WB Properties Scotland submitted an application last year for a new expansion of the Glen Noble Estate.

Although initially proposing up to 128 homes, the developers agreed to 100 two to five bedroomed detached and semi-detached properties on the basis of traffic capacity in the area.

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North Lanarkshire councillors met to consider an official report which recommended planning permission be refused.

The report read: “It is zoned green belt and would result in the loss of the open landscape character and sense of place and identity at the settlement boundary and constitutes an unacceptable scale and form of development not supported by the Development Plan.”

Councillor Allan Stubbs proposed permission be granted on the basis that public opinion was in favour of the development, with 15 comments in support to 10 objections.

Objectors were concerned that the land is zoned as greenbelt and by the amount of traffic already on Wishaw Low Road, some also felt the development was too large for the village infrastructure.

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Those in favour praised the quality of other works by the developer, welcomed more housing providing it was less expensive than Glen Noble and offered adequate facilities for disabled residents.

Councillors voted 14 to 8 in favour of refusing the application.

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