Politician tells of working life that now involves both Holyrood and Motherwell Civic Centre

The politician who leads the Conservatives at North Lanarkshire Council and has recently been elected to Holyrood on the Central Scotland List has been taking about her whirlwind few months.

Miss Meghan Gallacher
Miss Meghan Gallacher

Local MSP Meghan Gallacher says she has called upon her experiences as leader of the Scottish Conservative Group on North Lanarkshire to help her quickly adjust to her new role as an MSP.

Miss Gallacher who was elected in May, used the summer recess period to address constituent issues, as well as visiting local charities and arranging online meetings with the groups she’ll be dealing with.

That included link-ups with Guide Dogs UK and Police Scotland.

Miss Gallacher was also handed the role as Scottish Conservative spokesperson for children and young people, while she will also be sitting on the Parliament’s Local Government Committee.

She will also sitting on cross-party groups covering a diverse range of topics such as animal welfare and town centre regeneration and has said that her previous experiences as a councillor will be an important asset as Parliament returns to full sittings.

Miss Gallacher said: “The summer recess period gave me an opportunity to get out and about in my region and work on issues raised by constituents. It was also extremely enjoyable and important to meet with organisations such as Guide Dogs UK to find out the challenges they have faced during the pandemic, especially with working remotely.

“The variety of work is what I have found most exciting in my first few months of being an MSP. One minute I found myself working with colleagues collaborating on the dynamics of the Local Government Committee, and then the next I’ve found myself talking to Police Scotland about the rollout of new quad bikes in Strathclyde Park.

“It is fast paced and I am relishing the opportunity to return to Parliament, where I will experience a nearly full chamber for the first time, with the lower limits on MSP numbers being lifted. Having a background as a local councillor working for the communities where I love and being their voice is something I will always enjoy doing.

“I will continue to be a strong voice for constituents across Central Scotland and if you have any issue at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.”