Reader's anger over bridge at Douglas Water

Reader's letter shows depth of feeling towards the councilReader's letter shows depth of feeling towards the council
Reader's letter shows depth of feeling towards the council
Our article last week on Pettinain Bridge being closed touched a nerve with reader Ian Angell, who sent a '˜letter to the editor'.

In it he said: “You recently wrote an article about Pettinain and its issues with the bridge connecting to Carstairs Junction.

“Granted I was sad to hear this but I was more disappointed to read this knowing that here in Douglas Water we have now had the bridge closed for three plus years because, again the council claim they don’t have the money to fix it.

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“I contacted Aileen Campbell MSP last winter regarding the issue. She was very sympathetic and did contact the relevant people in South Lanarkshire Council but they will not budge!

“Our local/rural communities are just not important enough for them!

“Last winter I raised concerns around South Lanarkshire’s view regarding the elderly who live in Douglas Water. For the last three years with the removal of the bridge people have been totally isolated from society because the bus no longer comes to the village. They are either expected to rely on family/friends for lifts or if it is for the shop or post office, South Lanarkshire Council say you can walk the mile and a half uphill to Rigside for that.

“We have neighbours who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, some who are undergoing cancer treatment and some who are just elderly and find long walks hard.

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“As we again approach winter we see another year with an isolated, elderly community because SLC would rather spend money on digging up Hamilton Town Centre or adding yet another colour of bin to our waste collection.

“We all pay Council Tax to contribute to waste uplifts, road upkeep, etc., but we here in Douglas Water and Pettinain clearly don’t get our share. Maybe we should all write to the council leader regarding her discounted Council Tax?

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