SNP Battle bus aims for route to success on May 5 contest

The Scottish National Party’s National Campaign Battle Bus made its way through key points like Murdostoun and Thorniewood and Bellshill to drum up support for the candidates standing in these wards in the council elections on Thursday May 5.
Battle busBattle bus
Battle bus

Activists gathered at the bus which was joined in Shotts by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to hammer home their election pledges with some gusto in the Easter weekend sunshine.

And the Scottish National Party’s leader at North Lanarkshire Council, Jordan Linden was at the fore making sure their message was heard.

Mr Linden said: “I was delighted to welcome the SNP’s National Campaign Battle Bus to North Lanarkshire this weekend and share our message across our communities.”

In a no holds -barred message to the electorate he added: “Don’t vote for parties who are making false promises, these elections aren’t about cutting train and bus fares as Labour may have you believe and they aren’t about stopping the SNP as the Tories want you to think.”

And he was quick too to reference the Downing Street drinks party scandal which saw the Prime Minister fined last week.

Mr Linden added: “They are about electing local champions to work for you and defend local services, they are about sending Boris Johnson and his pals a message that the party is well and truly over and they are crucially about taking action on the cost of living. A different future is possible in North Lanarkshire, let’s get out there and vote for it. Our message is clear - Vote SNP.”