Time is running out to relocate historic Cumbernauld clock

A Cumbernauld councillor has once again inquired about the fate of the St Enoch Clock, just weeks before the body responsible for relocating it is wound up.
The St Enoch Clock was gifted to the people of Cumbernauld to celebrate the New Towns 21st birthdayThe St Enoch Clock was gifted to the people of Cumbernauld to celebrate the New Towns 21st birthday
The St Enoch Clock was gifted to the people of Cumbernauld to celebrate the New Towns 21st birthday

Cumbernauld East councillor Tom Johnston wrote to Cumbernauld South councillor Allan Graham, chairman of the Campsies Centre Board, who are currently dealing with the former railway station clock.

The clock was gifted to the town in the 1970s and unveiled by the Queen during a royal visit. Despite having been publicly displayed for many years, it is currently in a sealed off part of the town centre.

Councillor Johnston said: “At North Lanarkshire Council’s meeting on March 29, a detailed written question was submitted asking what actions the council planned to find a suitable location for the St Enoch Clock.

“Councillor Graham’s recorded  answer was: ‘Relocation of the clock is currently being considered through Campsies Centres Cumbernauld Limited.’

“We have now waited nine months and there is no sign of any action or progress. This is totally unacceptable to the people of Cumbernauld.

“A 450-signature petition from people in Abronhill calling for public display of the St Enoch Clock was submitted to the council on June 21.

“The Campsies Centre is currently being wound up, yet with just weeks to go before it closes the board has yet to tell us its plans.”

Councillor Johnston has also written to the council’s  Estates team, requesting a list of council owned-sites and details of the sites currently being considered by the Campsies Centre.

He also called on Cumbernauld Community Forum and Cumbernauld Environmental Society to increase pressure on the council.

Councillor Johnston said: “The St Enoch Clock is an important community legacy issue for Cumbernauld and the pioneers who came out from Glasgow to create the New Town.

“All other towns in North Lanarkshire have their icons – the civic centre and clock in Motherwell, the fountain in Coatbridge. There should be a public debate about the siting of the clock, instead we have nine months of total silence – people demand to know what is happening!”

A spokesperson for Campsies Centre admitted it may be necessary to build somewhere to house the clock due to its size.

They said: “The board is committed to finding a permanent home for the St Enoch Clock, and have been working with North Lanarkshire Council to identify suitable sites within the town.

“The requirements of a site are challenging because of the condition and size of the clock, and one possibility being considered is a purpose built facility.”