Time to vote for your councillors

The News & Chronicle circulation area will be represented by 21 councillors across six wards at North Lanarkshire Council.

Now all you have to do is vote for them in the local authority elections which are taking place tomorrow (Thursday).

Polling cards have been issued to everyone who is eligible to vote, and these give details of where and when to vote.

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You can vote any time between 7am and 10pm and staff at the polling stations will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Each council ward has three or four councillors, and the ballot paper will list all the candidates for that ward.

Council elections use the single transferable vote system which means voters can choose as many or as few candidates as they like.

Rank the candidates in order of preference.

Put a 1 next to your first-choice candidate, a 2 next to your second-choice, a 3 next to your third-choice, a 4 next to your fourth-choice and so on.

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Candidates for Wards 1-6 in the North Lanarkshire Council are as follows –

Kilsyth (returns three councillors): Paul Anderson (Conservative), Jean Jones and Heather McVey (both Labour), Kevin Kane (Hope Over Fear), Rob Kay (Green), Mark Kerr and Alan Stevenson (both SNP).

Cumbernauld North (returns four councillors): Danish Ashraf and Alan Masterton (both SNP), Calum Currie (Conservative), Tom Fisher and Barry McCulloch (both Labour), Kevin Hamilton (Green), John Miller (Socialist), Fraser Morrison (Independent), Alan O’Brien (Independent), Carl Pearson (UKIP).

Cumbernauld South (returns four councillors): Junaid Ashraf, William Goldie and Catherine Johnston (all SNP), Colin Gibson (Conservative), Allan Graham and Stephanie Griffin (both Labour), William Homer (Independent), Patrick McAleer (Green), Kevin McVey (Socialist).

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Cumbernauld East (returns four councillors): Claire Barclay, Paddy Hogg and Tom Johnston (all SNP), Gillian Fannan and Stevie Grant (both Labour), Andy Locke (Socialist), Anne McCrossan (Green), David Stark (Conservative).

Stepps, Chryston and Muirhead (returns three councillors): Lynne Anderson and Stephen Kirley (both SNP), Stephen Goldsack (Conservative), Scott Lamond and John McLaren (both Labour), Frances McGlinchey (Independent).

Gartcosh, Glenboig and Moodiesburn (returns three councillors): Sean Cairns (UKIP), Willie Doolan and Michael McPake (both Labour), Greg Lennon and Gerry Parker (both SNP), David MacLean (Conservative), John Wilson (Independent).