Pollution scare at the Luggie

21-08-2015 Picture Jamie Forbes. Oxgang bridge, Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch.21-08-2015 Picture Jamie Forbes. Oxgang bridge, Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch.
21-08-2015 Picture Jamie Forbes. Oxgang bridge, Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch.
Environmental experts were called out after concerns were raised by members of the public over possible 
pollution of the River Luggie.

Dog walkers in the area of 
Waterside Road bridge complained of seeing an oil-like substance on the surface of the water just over a week ago.

However, an inspection carried out by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) found no evidence of pollution.

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At the time of the complaint workers employed by East Dunbartonshire Council were carrying out work to the bridge.

One of the dog walkers told the Herald: “The surface of the water was clearly covered with diesel or oil and the smell coming from the river was like standing in a car garage.

“It was clearly a problem as two workmen with illuminated jackets had a good look.”

SEPA carried out an inspection of the river and found no pollution.

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A spokesperson said:“SEPA is aware of a complaint of oil being 
discharged into the Luggie Water during bridge refurbishment on the Waterside Road bridge at Kirkintilloch.

“Following an inspection of the watercourse, a SEPA officer found no evidence of pollution and was satisfied that adequate measures were in place on site to contain any spills.

“Discussions have taken place with East Dunbartonshire Council and the contractor to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities regarding pollution prevention.”

A spokesman for the agency said they would inspect the site again if they received a further complaint.

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Keith Scrimgeour, Neighbourhood Network Manager at East Dunbartonshire Council, said that at no point was any oil used by its contractor and sub-contractor during the course of their job.

He added: “The road was being resurfaced by an experienced specialist sub-contractor on the day in question so there would have been a smell from the bituminous materials being used. At no point were any materials released into the Luggie.

“SEPA found no evidence of pollution or environmental damage. They commented they were completely satisfied with the control measures on site to manage any spills.”