Poor report card for Academy pupils

Bearsden AcademyBearsden Academy
Bearsden Academy
Residents living near a school that recently received a glowing HMI report have complained about bad behaviour from some pupils.

A Burnside resident, who asked not to be named, says she would like to invite the former education convener Councillor Eric Gotts and the school inspector to try living as neighbours of “the so-called articulate and polite Bearsden Academy pupils who contribute to this community as stated in the HMI report”.

She added: “Residents are sickened by the bad language they have to put up with, as well as the graffiti, litter, smoking, cigarette butts and packets left outside their property, not to mention the paths to the school being covered in discarded chewing gum.

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“There has also been malicious damage to fences in private areas at Burnside Walk.

“Bearsden Academy gets top marks? Not in my opinion.”

There have also been reports of pupils smoking cannabis in the lane, as well as parents parking where they shouldn’t at the entrance to Burnside - despite ‘No Parking’ road markings.

Residents have met the headteacher and deputy several times in the past year, and have also contacted the police.

Director of education, Gordon Currie, said: “This resident makes some very serious allegations of criminality that, although unsupported, should be reported to the police.

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“The picture painted of Bearsden Academy pupils is not one I nor the headteacher recognises. I suspect it is not the view of the majority of the school’s neighbours or of parents.

“The school sets very high standards and of course there will be incidents that are unacceptable outside of the campus, be it litter or the use of bad language. On these occasions if the school is made aware, appropriate action will be taken.

“If this resident provides us with specific details and proof of her claims then I will ensure that a senior council officer shares that information with the police and discusses with them, the appropriate next steps. Bearsden Academy is an excellent school with young people who are a credit to themselves and their local community. While accepting that there will be incidents of misbehaviour, it is important not to demonise the whole school community or make unsubstantiated claims.”

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