Poppy '“ top name for cats and dogs in 2016

The 2016 list  saw Poppy crowned the number one name for both cats and dogs.The 2016 list  saw Poppy crowned the number one name for both cats and dogs.
The 2016 list saw Poppy crowned the number one name for both cats and dogs.
Poppy and Charlie may not top the charts for the most popular names for children in the UK, but they do when it comes to pet names.

New research revealed they beat off competition from Alfie, Bella and Molly to claim the top spots for 2016.

The 2016 list was drawn up by Vets4Pets, and saw Poppy crowned number one for both cats and dogs, while Charlie was second overall.

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But if you’re getting a new cat or dog this year, the research also provided an indication of popular names for 2017.

Cat owners are increasingly using TJ, Rey and Kylo more, while for dogs a trend for names Duggee, Beaux and Kingsley is expected.

“We see thousands of pets in our Vets4Pets practices across the UK every week, and the creativity of pet owners in choosing their pet’s name can be amazing,” said Dr Huw Stacey, director of clinical services at Vets4Pets.

“The UK is obviously a nation of pet lovers and while a name helps identify a pet to its owner, the most important thing about pet ownership is making sure your dog, cat or rabbit is happy and healthy.

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“Many families tend to let their children decide the name of their pet, so it’s perhaps not surprising that youngsters choose what can seem to be the easiest name to remember and one that they recognise from school.

“Pets are a great addition to family life and can teach children many important lessons, so we always advise new pet owners to talk to their local vet about choosing the best pet for their circumstances.

“As for names, our only advice is to use something that is easy to remember and you’re happy to tell your friends and family!”

More unusual names from the list include Catpain Edmund Blackadder and Calvin Harris for cats, with dog names including De’Niro and Abraham Lincoln.”

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Dr Stacey added: “The variety of names we find is extraordinary, but as vets we’re here to help owners with pet welfare, be it vaccinations, microchipping or major operations such as hip replacements.”

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