£285 charge for Care of Gardens scheme in South Lanarkshire

PENSIONERS who are not council tenants will be forced to fork out to have their gardens attended to by the council.

Due to its financial cuts, the council plans to introduce a £285 charge for the 6,900 non-council tenants who are part of its popular Care of Gardens Scheme.

There will also be a £65 charge for hedge cutting.

The charge has angered many people, including an 87-year-old Carluke man, who asked not to be named.

He said: “Unhappy is an understatement. I have been getting my garden looked after by the council since I was 80 but I think it is ridiculous to be charged so much.”

A council spokesman said: “What we are seeing here is the effect of the bankers’ greed affecting the lives of ordinary people.”

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