Put your best foot forward to help charity

Staff from a Scottish cancer charity have launched a ‘heel appeal’ to raise funds to support their work.

Carrickstone resident Gwen Mosson (45) is a fundraising manager with Cancer Support Scotland.

She donned rollerblades to join colleagues to urge people to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.

The appeal is supported by broadcasters Kaye Adams and Judith Ralston.

Gwen said: “it is great to have the support of people like Kaye and Judith for an event like this and we’re hoping that we’ll get up to 150 people on the day joining us.”

Kaye added: “This is a fun way to raise money for a great cause and the choice of footwear can be anything from flippers to snowboots.”

Judith added: “People taking part can choose from the wackiest footwear in their wardrobe. The walk is just over a mile long so maybe some men would like to accept the challenge of trying that in high heels!”

Cancer Support Scotland chief executive Colin Graham added: “We’re looking for people to raise funds and join the walk which takes place on Sunday, March 22.” The route runs from Gartnavel Hospital to the Grosvenor Hotel