Red light mystery

Pic Taken by Sebastiaan BloemhofPic Taken by Sebastiaan Bloemhof
Pic Taken by Sebastiaan Bloemhof
A MYSTERIOUS red light in the sky has proved to be a huge talking point in Cumbernauld.

The unexplained phenomenon was spied around 9pm on Wednesday night in locations as far apart as Cumbernauld and Abronhill.

Some reports suggest it was flaring from BP at Grangemouth, others that it was a meteor explosion.

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Alice Archibald who lives in the Wynd said: “I saw something flickering from my kitchen window but my daughter in Whitelees told me that she saw a long orange shape. I’ve heard that it could seen as far away as Denny.’’

Reader Sebastiaan Bloemhof took this amazing picture. Send yours to [email protected]

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