Remembering 16 of Sauchiehall Street’s forgotten shops, pubs, venues and restaurants

Sauchiehall Street has said goodbye to a number of Glasgow institutions over the past 15 years

Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street has seen a number of changes in recent years with a number of high-profile brands disappearing. It is considered to be Scotland’s most struggling high street as a study by The Ferret revealed that a third of premises were vacant in November last year.

The Avenues project was completed on the street between Charing Cross and Rose Street in 2019 as Sauchiehall Street received wider pavements, two-way cycle paths and 27 new trees amongst other upgrades. The second part of this phase is set to begin later this year as Sauchiehall Street precinct is to receive £5.6 million in funding for 40 new trees, lighting and the rebuilding of roads and footpaths.

Sauchiehall Street was once at the beating heart of Glasgow, but with so many changes over the years a number of shops, pubs, restaurants and gig venues are still badly missed.

Here’s a look back at some of Saucheihall Street’s forgotten premises.