Remembering the Holocaust

A LOCAL politician is championing a project to document Scotland’s holocaust survivors.
Pic by Peter Devlin.Pic by Peter Devlin.
Pic by Peter Devlin.

Stewart Maxwell recently gave a speech at a Glasgow Caledonian University event promoting a range of educational tools to teach Glasgow’s school pupils about the genocide during world war two.

It was inspired by the Gathering the Voices project, which records first hand accounts of people who experienced the religious and political persecution of the Nazis.

GCU Lecturer Angela Shapiro has been a driving force behind the project and wanted to highlight the significant artistic, cultural, economic, charitable and healthcare contributions many holocaust refugees made to their new home of Scotland.

Angela’s mother-in-law Gretl Shapiro was one such refugee who fled Vienna as a 15-year-old and was one of 10,000 Jewish children evacuated from mainland Europe before the beginning of the Second World War.

Mr Maxwell told The Extra: “The range of support the project has received from the Scottish government, the German government, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Sense over Sectarianism, numerous volunteers and other organisations is testament to the high level of regard.

“The testimonies collected by Gathering the Voices constitute an important part of Scottish and European history, and the preservation of first-hand accounts are an absolutely vital link between the events of the past and the education of future generations.

“We should never become complacent regarding the dangers of prejudice, intolerance, discrimination and hatred. Gathering the Voices has already proven that it will be a vital part of making sure these lessons are never forgotten.”