Residents angry over long-running street lights problem

PROBLEMS with street lighting in Carbrain have been angering residents.

Sections of Glenacre Road and Craigieburn Road have been left in darkness for months due to defective street lighting.

In a letter published in our October 12 edition, well-known local charity fundraiser and Craigieburn Road resident Jimmy Rexter complained: “I reckon it is the only road that gets darker when the lights go on.”

And SNP councillor Willie Homer this week revealed he had also been trying to get action taken to correct issues with the lights in Glenacre Road.

Mr Rexter said: “An area around Glenacre Rd has been without lighting since the end of August.

“Scottish Power missed the first 20 working day deadline by a couple of days and only carried out a partial repair.

“They now claim to have a new 20-day deadline to complete the repair.

“I have been chasing this up over the past weeks, as has Councillor Homer, but we seem to be no closer to any resolution.

“The residents are concerned as this is adjacent to the off sales.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The problem with the lighting on Glenacre Road was caused by a fault in the cable.

“We reported that fault to Scottish Power on 7 September.

“Under OFGEM regulations, Scottish Power had 20 working days in which to resolve the problem and in fact a repair was undertaken within that timescale. During the course of that work, however, a second fault was discovered and is being treated as a new repair, which means Scottish Power have another 20 days in which to deal with the problem.

“Repair work is currently scheduled for October 25. “

The spokeswoman added: “The council has no authority to bring that date forward.

“The problems on Craigieburn Road are unrelated to the issued on Glenacre Road, however.

“They appear to be the result of failing equipment, and Amey is now in the process of replacing the lamps on our behalf.

“The job will be completed as soon as the remaining lamps are in stock.”