Reverend Bryan Kerr attacks council over new Lanark cemetery

MOURNERS attending funerals at Lanark’s new cemetery might soon be returning there - permanently.

That chilling warning was delivered by one of the town’s clergy as he launched an attack on what he claimed was South Lanarkshire Council’s “absolutely disgraceful attitude” to the cemetery since it opened late last year.

The Reverend Bryan Kerr of Lanark’s Greyfriars Church has made repeated criticisms of the cemetery at Springbank near Ravenstruther, even slamming the choice of the location itself of the burial ground so far outside Lanark as “ludicrous”.

His latest salvo came when security - or rather lack of it - at the new cemetery was being discussed by Lanark Community Council whose chairman, Frank Gunning, recently expressed shock at seeing remote control model car fans using the pathways at Springbank as a mini-racetrack.

After hearing that police had recorded no further reports of such insensitive behaviour, the minister, while welcoming this news, stated there was still an awful lot wrong with the new place of rest for future generations of Lanarkians.