Scottish budget set after government deal with Greens

Green Party MSP Ross GreerGreen Party MSP Ross Greer
Green Party MSP Ross Greer
East Dunbartonshire Greens are welcoming the party's historic deal to secure £160 million of additional funds from the Scottish Government for local council services such as schools and social care, including £3.2 million for East Dunbartonshire.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the party said that following discussions with Green MSPs over the draft Scottish budget, Scottish Ministers have agreed to abandon their proposed tax giveaway for high earners and provide a total of £160 million for local councils to spend on local priorities.

Scott Ferguson, Greens candidate for Bearsden South said: “It is fantastic that our Green MSP Ross Greer and colleagues have secured Holyrood’s largest ever budget concession, including £3.2 million for East Dunbartonshire. Now we can start repairing the damage done by years of underfunding and lack of local flexibility.

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“Locally this could mean easing the pressure on care services for the elderly and more money invested in our schools.”

“Other parties effectively ruled themselves out of constructive dialogue. Our Green MSPs have achieved more in a single budget than the Labour Party has in a decade of opposition.”

Ross Greer, Green MSP for the West of Scotland, who is from Bearsden, said: “I’m delighted that only months after having been elected I have managed to deliver tens of millions of pounds to councils across my region including £3.2 million for my own community in East Dunbartonshire.

“This money would otherwise have been cut by the SNP. Our agreement will hopefully avoid classroom assistants and care workers being lost, local services reduced and service charges increased.

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“This is, however, only the start of a journey towards genuinely progressive tax policies and empowered local councils and communities. The SNP weren’t willing to take full advantage of Holyrood’s powers this year but Greens will continue to put the pressure on whilst delivering for our communities.”