Seasonal advice on keeping pets pest free this summer

With temperatures creeping up pet owners are taking their dogs on more adventurous walks - but a vet is warning of the danger of ticks and fleas.
Keep your pets pest freeKeep your pets pest free
Keep your pets pest free

According to Laura Sheppard from Bearsden’s Vets4Pets there is an increased risk from ticks which are found in long grass and tend to attach to the head and neck region. However they can be found anywhere on the body.

Ms. Sheppard said: “Prevention is better than cure, especially for fleas. Don’t wait until you find them, get an effective and safe flea and tick control from your vet to ensure protection all year round but especially in the warmer months’ That way pets can safely enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.”

Ticks feed on the pets blood and can transmit Lymes disease which can cause serious complications without proper treatment.”

If a tick is found, it is advised not to try and remove it with your fingernails.

The best way of getting rid of one is either with a tick remover or by taking your pet to the vets.

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