Shortcut through Shawlands?

The new South Glasgow University Hospitals may be one step closer from home as proposals for more bus routes linking the southside are considered.

As reported in February, residents and politicians had voiced concerns over the lack of transport links from areas outwith Glasgow, despite plans for a Fastlink service from the city centre.

Newton Mearns North councillor Charlie Gilbert was one of many who called on the Scottish Government, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and SPT to provide better links for those living in East Ren.

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Councillor Gilbert told The Extra: “Having contacted SPT, they have advised that the NHS Trust has agreed a sum of money to support improved transport links to the hospital, and it has been agreed to redirect a sum of money from the NHS Trust to SPT to support better bus services if more money is reqiured.

“SPT identified a gap from the Battlefield/Shawlands corridor where services from the Newton Mearns area, such as the 4, 6 and 38, would interchange.

“This would result in a quicker journey time of around 25 minutes from Shawlands to the hospital, rather than travelling via the city centre.”

It may be welcome news for Extra readers — including Erin Lynch, who commented that “getting to the new hospital is like a military operation”.

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Mary Gleed added: “Not everyone drives, and even if you do there are not enough car park spaces for staff let alone patients or visitors.”

A spokeswoman for SPT confirmed: “Although funding to provide transport links to healthcare facilities rests with NHS Trust — in this case NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde — SPT is working closely with partners to support better transport links to the new hospitals complex.”

She continued: “To improve connections from the Battlefield/Shawlands corridor to the hospital, bus companies have been invited to submit applications for kick-start funding to provide an extra link.

“Subject to funding availability and necessary approvals, SPT hope to have that in place by May this year.”

Services will begin to transfer to the £842 million ‘superhospital’ from next month.