Shots fired by police to disable vehicle during major incident in Robroyston

A road in Robroyston has been closed off after police fired shots directly into vehicle tyres during an intelligence-led operation.

The scene of the operation. Photo: Brian Webster.
The scene of the operation. Photo: Brian Webster.

Witnesses said the incident happened outside St Joseph’s Nursing & Residential Home at Robroyston Road, near Asda.

Officers rushed to the area around 10.55am and the area at a roundabout was then cordoned off.

A police helicopter was also seen circling the area.

A police spokesperson confirmed: “As part of the operation, vehicle tyre deflation rounds were discharged directly into vehicle tyres.”

The officer added that this was a “recognised and practised tactic used specifically to disable a vehicle.”

She said: “This was deployed in order to reduce any potential wider impact to the public and to maximise their safety.”

Precise details of the nature of the operation have still to be disclosed but the use of shotgun rounds will be referred to the Police Investiations and Review Commissioner “in line with routine procedure.”

No one is believed to have been injured as a result of the operation.

The photo above, taken by Brian Webster, shows the scene of the operation earlier today.